Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bodies in Space


  1. Alyssa!
    I really liked your photos simplicity! You formed bodies into space but did not make it as obvious as the examples we looked at. I liked how in the photos in the school have really nice whit balance and lightening.

    The only thing i would work to improve on is going more outside of the box and being more creative. it would be interesting to see you take a more dramatic approach to the assignment as well! Also for the 10 people plus picture the background is a little busy.

  2. Alyssa!

    I love the style you used in these photos and how you really made these unique. The minimalist aspects really make your photos stand out.

    One way you could improve your second photo is to have a dark shirted person on the bottom because its difficult to see the first person and a darker shirt would create more contrast and emphasize the design.

    Other than that, you're splendid!!