Monday, August 25, 2014

summer photos 2014

Taken on a street corner in Richmond, VA. While it is becoming more and more obsolete to the majority of the population, this big box was a delightful distraction from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Taken at Longwood Gardens, DE.
The limbs of these huge trees resemble the vessels that carry blood through our limbs. 

rainy day
Condensation on a glass door at the VMFA. 
This blue grey image is actually a small section of a large stained glass image in a church. 

Manipulated photo made to look like a galaxy.
Originally a photograph of a coin pond.

Taken at Maymont Gardens, 3 koi enjoying a summer day. 

branching out
Taken at the VMFA, a close up of a floral arrangement in the entrance hall.

Taken in a Richmond cemetery, a close up of a single pane
 in one of the stained glass installations. 

Also taken at a Richmond cemetery, shielding a corpse from the living. 
Taken in Muir Woods. A fallen tree shows its age for all to see. 

Taken in Great Falls, after a pebble had been dropped into the still water. 

criss cross
Taken at the Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art.
Not a piece of installed artwork, but artfully placed ceiling beams. 

Taken in the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden. An otherwise ordinary fountain is a place of excitement
for overheating toddlers, and a respite for parents just looking for a mesmerizing view and a place to rest their feet.   

Taken in Muir Woods, San Fransisco, CA. An eager tree reaches out to the forest around. 

Taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA. (Finalist in a National Geographic student competition)
 A young girl stares in wonder at the scene around her, wishing she could be a part of the languid jellyfish drifting by. 
Taken in Sperryville, VA. After a draining weekend of hiking and camping,
as the day winds to a close it is finally time to head home. 

Taken at Longwood Gardens in DE. A long exposure shot turns a lit christmas tree into a different kind of winter wonderland. 
Journal Entry#1:
1. Since I last took photography at B-CC, I feel as though I have greatly improved as a photographer. After completing a summer intensive photography program, I learned better control of my camera, as well as the valuable skill of photo processing through Photoshop. Both skills have drastically changed the quality of my photography. 
2. I'm not sure if I have a favorite thing to take pictures of, but I do enjoy focusing on a very small aspect of a larger object and presenting it in a new light. I hope you can see that in the photos above!
3. There are many things that go into a good photograph, but for me, it is important to think of composition guidelines (even though they can be broken!). Good photos often follow the guidelines of rule of thirds, strong center of focus, or balance. My favorite photos are often ones with vibrant colors and strong textures. 
4. This year, I would really like to catch up on my film photography skills, because I haven't used a film camera in quite a while! I also am interested in learning more about the evolution of photography and famous photographers– there are so many that I know so little about!

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